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Village of Oak Ridge ~ 10599 State Highway D ~ P.O. Box 111 ~ Oak Ridge, MO 63769-0111

Ed's Auto Sales & Service(573) 266-3600
Flying Bluejays Cafe(573) 266-3622
Fronabarger Concreters Inc(573) 266-3235
Mr Bits & Bytes
Mudcat Coffee House(573) 382-2642
Wilson Auto Sales(573) 266-3615

First Baptist Church (573) 266-3665

Emergency Services:
North Cape County Fire District
Richard Oehl
PO Box 30
Oak Ridge, MO 63769
(573) 788-2572

Sheriff's Department

Oak Ridge R-6 School District

August 13, 1971

Village of Oak Ridge ~ P.O. Box 111 ~ Oak Ridge, MO 63769

Information about the Oak Ridge Sewer System

How it works
Every residence has a pump tank and a control panel. The tank is in the ground and is covered with a green fiberglass lid. The wastewater flows into the tank; when a certain level is reached, the pump automatically drains the contents into the main line. It eventually ends up at the treatment facility south of town. If there is a problem with the pump the emergency light on the control panel will come on and an alarm will start sounding. If this happens you should not use any more water until the problem is fixed. You should not use water during a power outage either, because the pump can't work and the controls inside the tank could be damaged. Do not run over the lid with a vehicle or mower. If the lid is damaged it is the renter's or property owner's responsibility to pay for a replacement. The pumps are designed to handle human waste and toilet paper only. Things like baby wipes, feminine products and excessive amounts of grease will clog the pump. If a pump malfunctions because of this type of misuse the renter or property owner will be charged for the repair.

How the bill is figured
There is a base fee of $31.25 plus $3.50 for every 1,000 gallons of water usage. New bills are not figured each month. The bills are updated in May every year, and the bill will the same all year (May to April). The usage is determined by taking the meter readings for the three winter months (December, January & February) and dividing by three to get an average monthly usage. If the water usage cannot be determined (for instance, if you are on a well or have just moved to Oak Ridge) the bill will be the town average. This average bill will change every year too. We require a $50.00 deposit from all new renters. It will be returned if you move away. Property owners/Estate holders/Responsible parties where a pump tank is installed on the property will be responsible for the base fee regardless of occupancy.

Billing and Collection
Bills are sent out on the first of the month and are due by the 16th. Bills can be mailed to the address above or dropped in the mail slot at the office on Route D. If not paid by the due date, a 15% late fee is applied to your bill. You will receive a letter showing the new amount due. We have an agreement with the water company; they will shut off your water at the end of the month if your bill is not paid in full by the 26th, and you will incur an additional $50.00 reconnection fee.

Please call a member of the Oak Ridge town board or our billing clerk if you have any questions or problems. You can also come to our monthly meetings. They are held at 7:00 p.m. on the third Monday of each month at the town office.

Current town board members:

Charley Schoen
Mac Armbruster
(573) 270-5146
(573) 225-9016
Billing Clerk: Erica Armbruster (573) 275-0992
 Roy Reeves(573) 450-2665
 Travis McCall(573) 450-8321
 Adam Pavelka(573) 837-8878


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